Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Video: Behind The Scenes | The Making Of High Heels

Behind The Scenes | The Making Of High Heels

Published on 17 Dec 2013

A sneak peek behind the scenes at just a few of the memorable moments during the film of High Heels!

All music produced by AC Burrell | Blacksmoke Entertainment

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Directed by Razor Edge and Anita
Post Production by
Produced by Anita, Razor Edge, and Paul Preca Trapani
Cinematography by Gratian Dimech and Jean Pierre Gatt
Choreography by Fiona Florczak
Production assistants: Janika Borg and Michela Mifsud
'High Heels' produced by AC Burrell of Blacksmoke Entertainment

With special thanks to:
Richard Pascoe
Elaine Mifsud
Tony Matthew
Brittania Row Studios
So Sexy Fashion
John Preca Trapani

Filmed entirely on location in Malta

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Shopping | Hanging Out In London

Christmas Shopping | Hanging Out In London

Published on 27 Nov 2013

Hi everyone, I hung out in London this week and did some of my fave things-shopping eating, watching a film, ice skating-so I thought I'd share my day out with you :-)

Music by AC Burrell, Blacksmoke Entertainment

Anita's surprise for me !

Thanks Anita for the lovely signed photo and the Chocolate coins you sent to me. Thats so very kind of you I am so glad you like my blog for you. Wishing you further success and when you get to O2 and Wembley I'll be there xxx